Manage Your Benefits

Make Them Work for Your Employees

Benefits Administration

The best benefit plans are of little value if they do not work for your employees. eeCentral provides transparent employee benefit information.   The challenges are there are lots of options, plans, rules and regulations that need proper adoption protocols that need to be managed and the employee be kept informed to be effective.  eeCentral’s benefits administration system simplifies how you manage and deliver your company’s healthcare, retirement and other benefits plan options. 

Selected Features of the eeCentral System

  • Accommodates unlimited coverage types and features
  • Track dependent benefits and coverage options
  • Connect with a wide range of plan carriers and other vendors
  • Maintain compliance regulations for government Health Care Reform
  • Improve how you identify and measure the benefits administration aspect of you HRMS strategy
  • Rely on a single database solution for efficient management of benefits
  • Use the robust reporting capabilities to cross-reference costs and benefits across your workforce


Applicant management and onboarding

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